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澳门永利贵宾会 女孩长曲棍球 in a huddle


Kent’s 女孩长曲棍球 program challenges its players both physically and 精神ly as students, 运动员, 和领导人.

澳门永利贵宾会 女孩长曲棍球 Team Photo

Many Kent lacrosse 运动员 go on to play lacrosse at the collegiate level whether it is in Division 1 or Division 3. We are also very proud of the fact that many of our lacrosse 运动员 play multiple sports while at 澳门永利贵宾会 and therefore are eng年龄d with other teams and coaches in the Fall and Winter seasons. This creates stronger teams of experienced and dedicated student-运动员.

Skill Development & 团队合作

女孩长曲棍球 emphasizes constant skill development, regardless of previous experience or abilities. This ensures that as each individual becomes stronger as a player, they become more effective as a teammate.

领导 & Character Development

As the teams work towards success on the field, they build a strong and supportive team dynamic and teach the young 运动员 the importance of character on and off the field.

Coach Cara Clarke

联系 Coach Clarke

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Girls Varsity Lacrosse Roster

的名字 Class
恩巴克斯 2024
尼娜Barshai 2026
对浆果 2026
Elizabeth Bonner 2024
Clotilde精益 2024
摩根克拉克 2024
比尔邓恩 2024
梅根Duplantie 2024
劳伦·法拉利 2024
菲比佛利 2023
安框架 2023
Arya Gartside-Vats 2026
艾莉Grahn 2025
麦吉尔科赫 2023
Hadley Lineberger 2025
Darbi马宏升 2024
Alexandra Mersfelder 2025
伊莉斯佩恩 2023
凯特琳皮尔斯 2024
Jennifer Purtell 2023
肯德尔日本岛 2025
卡莱尔斯隆 2024
伊莎贝尔斯坦福德 2025
伊索德Triay 2024
马里恩莱特 2024

Girls Varsity Lacrosse Schedule and Results



Girls JV Lacrosse Roster

的名字 Class
雷切尔主教 2026
蕾妮主教 2026
凯西布罗迪 2026
迪翁伯内特 2026
Mackenzie Clifford 2026
Aoife柯林斯 2025
克拉拉卡明 2025
Lilly DeFilippo-Fry 2024
海登Diaferia 2025
Isabella DiNicola 2023
Gianna埃斯皮诺萨 2024
利亚•海默• 2025
Skyler Kaalinagy 2026
雷切尔·卡恩 2024
Angel Li Yun Lin 2026
卡尔顿劳埃德 2025
Katherine McDonnell 2026
Zioranmachi Nwotite 2026
奥利维亚Piasecki 2025
芬利Rupright 2024
Linnea萨克斯顿 2023

Girls JV Lacrosse Schedule and Results

There are no events to display